The following information pertains to live events

Silent Auction Company has 20 years of Live Auction experience to generate substantial funds, add energy & excitement to your event!  With the inclusion of "No Risk" items and our Full Service Silent Auction Package we will provide a Professional Fundraising Auctioneer with no additional fee.  We do have individual Service Rates for Auctioneers, Spotters & Clerks without item inclusions as well.

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“We have worked with many auctioneers at our Gala, and Keith Vriesen is a step above in professionalism, passion, and humor. He works his charm to stimulate bids and donations to unanticipated levels.” Jeannie O'Regan- Starlight Children's Foundation

Silent Auction Company Co-Founder, Keith Vriesen has been conducting Canada's most elite events for nearly 20 years